1. From the Batch page, click New Gift Batch.
    Note: Only Gift Batches can be set up as recurring.
  2. On the Batch Header tab, mark the Batch is recurring checkbox.
  3. Select data entry fields on the Fields tab.
  4. Enter defaults on the Defaults tab.
  5. Click Save to save the recurring batch.
  6. Click Data Entry to go to the data entry grid.


  • To edit an existing batch so it is recurring, open the batch and select Tools, Edit Batch Setup from the menu bar. Mark the Batch is Recurring checkbox and click OK.
  • When committing a recurring batch, act like you are going to commit the batch by selecting the green exclamation mark. Select the Recurring Batch tab on the Commit Gift Batch screen. The gift date and GL post date to use for all gifts defaults to the current date, you can save yourself some time in not changing the dates in the actual batch by selecting <Specific date> and putting in the current date (the date you would like to commit the batch as) . Notice that The Raiser's Edge automatically assigns a new batch number each time a recurring batch is committed. This ensures that the same batch number is not re-assigned. You can click the History button and see all the recurring batch numbers that are assigned to the initial batch. 
  • When re-committing a recurring batch, update all fields in the data sheet except for gift date and GL post date. Update these for all gifts on the Commit Gift Batch screen as described above.

For more information, refer to the Gift Batch chapter of the Batch Guide (PDF).