We can add new constituents in the database individually or globally using Batch.

Adding records individually:

  1. In Records, click Constituents
  2. Click New Individual or New Organization and enter the appropriate information
  3. Click Save and New (CTRL + W) to save the current record and open a new, blank record or click Save and Close to save the record and close it

Adding a group of constituent records in Batch:

  1. Click Batch on the navigation bar
  2. Click New Constituent Batch
  3. On the Fields tab, select the Constituent Fields to enter data for the new records
  4. On the Defaults tab, enter any data that will be the same for all new records
  5. Click the Save and Data Entry buttons to begin adding the new records
  6. The top row is the default row. Start entering data in the second row
  7. Once all new records are entered, select File, Commit Completed Batch from the menu bar or click Commit Green exclamation mark icon on the toolbar

Refer to the Constituent Data Entry Guide (PDF) for additional information.