Refer to the appropriate Knowledgebase solution listed below for instructions on installing the patch for the given product.

  • Although you can install a patch to avoid issues it corrects, it's necessary only when the patch resolves an issue that affects your organization. Review the patch readme file located on the Download page for the respective Blackbaud product for the list of issues resolved. Before downloading a patch, consider whether it addresses issues that impact your organization, and verify you have the time and resources needed to test and install it.
  • Only the latest patch is available for download. Our patches are cumulative and contain all fixes from previous patches.
  • Before installing the patch, verify your database version is the version available on Downloads. The patch is not compatible with earlier versions. If you are not currently running the latest version, download and install it before installing the patch. 
  • After you update the server, each workstation must be updated by a person with local administrator rights.