1. In Configuration, click Hold Codes.
  2. Click New Hold Code.
  3. In the Hold code field, enter the name, up to 60 characters, for the hold code.
  4. In the Who to contact field, select or enter a contact for the hold code. If you enter a new contact, a message appears to ask if you want to add it to the Who to Contact table.
  5. In the Default reason field, enter a reason for the hold code. The default reason appears on the entry in the student's hold code log.
    In the Displays as field, your choices thus far appear as they will on the student's record. 
  6. In the Restrict the student from box, mark the restrictions to associate with the hold code. You can restrict the student from:
    • Receiving Report Cards
    • Send Transcripts
    • Registering for classes
    • Being assigned housing
    • Accessing NetClassroom
    • Accessing grades in NetClassroom
    • Accessing schedules in NetClassroom
  7. If you have Student Billing, you can also update the student's Student Billing status; mark Update the student to the following billing status when adding this Hold code and select the billing status.
  8. Click Save and Close to save the hold code and return to the Hold Codes page.
  9. Assign the hold code to a student record.

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