REWS = Raiser's Edge Web Server
RE = Raiser's Edge
BBNC = Blackbaud NetCommunity

If your organization hosts your own Raiser's Edge:

Possible causes includes, but is not limited to:
  • The Raiser's Edge WebService server is down
  • A firewall or proxy is blocking the connection between the BBNC Web Server and the RE WebService server
  • IIS is not functioning properly on the Raiser's Edge WebService server
  • Domain IP address had recently changed
Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support. Note the Scope Of Support, specifically: The IT administrator for your organization who manages Blackbaud NetCommunity should be experienced with Microsoft SQL Server®, Microsoft® Internet Information Services , and firewall and network settings. If your IT professional requires assistance with any of these items, assistance is available as a billable service through your account manager.

Additional Resources for Troubleshooting:
NetCommunity Troubleshooting guide
System Requirements
  1. Attempt to log in to RE on the REWS
    1. Access the Raiser's Edge Web Server
    2. Open and log in to Raiser's Edge as an Administrator
    3. If you receive an error message as soon as logging into The Raiser's Edge, this indicates an issue with the Raiser's Edge connection, and not an issue between RE and BBNC.
    4. If you do not receive an error message immediately when logging in, proceed with the next step
  2. Copy the URL of the REWS and visit it in a browser. 
    • If you are unable to access the URL of the REWS, this indicates a behavior with the server itself and not a behavior with the product. 
    • If you are able to access the REWS URL on the REWS, but not externally, this indicates a behavior with the network or firewall. Confirm that Port 443 and 80 are open. 
    • If you are prompted with an SSL Certificate error when accessing the REWS URL, this indicates a behavior with the SSL certificate, which will need to be resolved.
  3. Verify the Raiser's Edge WebService is installed on the server associated with URL for the REWS
  4. Verify the IIS Admin and World Wide Web Publishing services are running on the RE WebService server
  5. If you also host the BBNC Web Server:
    1. From the BBNC Web Server, copy the URL referenced in the error and paste it into a browser.
    2. Do the same on the RE WebService server.
      • If the page loads on the RE WebService server but not on the BBNC Web Server, contact a qualified network administrator for troubleshooting the connection. TCP Ports 80 and 443 should be open on any firewall between the two servers.
  6. If the Raiser's Edge WebService domain IP address has recently changed, it may take up to 48 hours to refresh to allow for the NetCommunity servers to recognize the change. 
    • Note: this refresh is determined by internet propagation. Blackbaud has no control over how quickly an IP address propagates over the internet.