To automatically soft credit a spouse or other relationship for all of a constituent's future gifts:
  1. In Records, click Constituents.
  2. Click Open a Constituent to open the constituent whose relationship should be automatically soft credited.
  3. On the Relationships tab, open the relationship to be automatically soft credited.
  4. On the General 2 tab of the relationship, mark or unmark the Automatically soft credit this individual/organization for gifts checkbox.
  5. Save and close the relationship.
  6. Save and close the constituent.
Note: This option is only available for relationships that have their own constituent records in the database. This feature only works with new gifts added through Records, Batch, or Import from this point forward.  It does not automatically soft credit gifts that are already on the constituent's record.

To automatically copy soft credits from the gift record of the matched gift to the matching gift pledge record, mark the Automatically apply soft credit to matching gift pledge checkbox. For example, if Larry Smith was soft credited on the gift record for the matched gift, the program automatically soft credits Larry Smith on the matching gift pledge record if you mark this checkbox.
  1. In Configuration, click Business Rules.
  2. Under Gift options, highlight Activity options.
  3. Mark or unmark the Automatically apply soft credit to matching gift pledge checkbox.

To automatically soft credit an individual for his organization's matching gifts:
  1. Open the organization's constituent record
  2. Select the Relationships tab
  3. Open the relationship to be soft credited
  4. Select the General 2 tab
  5. Mark the 'Automatically soft credit this individual for gifts' checkbox
  6. Click Save and close