If you have not purchased PayPal's Fraud Protection Services for Blackbaud NetCommunity, reference BB499064.
For assistance with the PayPal Manager, reference BB499070.
If you'd like to know more about what PayPal's Fraud Protection Services are, reference BB499082.
1. Log into the PayPal manager.

2. Go to Service Settings.

3. Click on Test Setup.

4. Enter your standard and custom filters.

5. Click Move Test to Live to actually activate the functionality for end users.


1. Blackbaud NetCommunity only supports a filter action of Reject. This is because Blackbaud NetCommunity only stores transaction data if the card was accepted by the gateway. If you select a filter action of “Review” when you set up your PayPal account, you can select to manually process transactions. If you manually process transactions, Blackbaud NetCommunity does not know whether the transaction has been accepted and cannot store its information or pass its data to The Raiser’s Edge or Blackbaud CRM.

2. Any filter that is a “Risk List Match” type of filter does lookups against a list that is managed by PayPal. You cannot edit the lists used by these
filters. For example, you cannot add a bank identification number to a BIN Risk List Match filter.

3. If a transaction is rejected because it fails a fraud filter the following error message is displayed: Error: Declined by Fraud Filter
For more information regarding PayPal fraud filters, select Help from the software's Menu.