1. Identify the Faculty/Staff records who can review comments:
    1. In Records, open the appropriate faculty staff record  
    2. Select the Restrictions 1 tab 
    3. Select the schools in which the teacher can review comments
      Note: Be sure that the Department on the Bio 2 tab of the Faculty/Staff record corresponds to the Department on the course record of which the comment needs to be approved.
  2. Assign a group of reviewers to each school in Faculty Access for the Web:  
    1. From the navigation bar, under Setup, click Set up comment approval and department heads. The Comment approval and department heads page appears.
    2. On this page, you select how department heads are designated in Registrar's Office and select who reviews gradebook comments for each school.
      1. To successfully allow comment approval settings and options to appear for the specific faculty/staff you select, you must mark the associated school on the Restrictions 1 tab of the faculty/staff record.
      2. When you select “No one”, you choose to not use a comment review process. All comment approval settings are hidden in the program, including the comment status field on the Update FAWeb Statuses screen in Administration.
      3. Advisors can view all grades and comments for an assigned student. However, the Gradebook reviewers page is not visible.
      4. Administrators have administrator rights and can review comments for all classes for schools associated with a specific faculty/staff record. The Gradebook reviewers page is not visible for administrators.
      5. Department heads can view comments for classes in the department that is listed on the Bio 2 tab of a faculty/staff member’s record and is scheduled in the school to which the faculty/staff member has access. The Gradebook reviewers page is not visible for department heads.
      6. Peer reviewers are selected by faculty members for each class. The Gradebook reviewers page is visible.
    3. In the Use [ ] to email Faculty/Staff members field, select an email address preference. When selecting Peer Reviewer, this email address will appear for teachers when they assign their comments to another faculty/staff member for approval and will allow them to notify a peer reviewer that they've been assigned to approve one of the teacher's classes. The subject line in the email will populate with the name of the class.
      Note: For more information, refer to:
      How to designate a teacher as department head (BB265394)
      What are the Advisor and Administrator login types for Faculty Access for the Web?  (BB108934)
  3. Teacher Setup in Faculty Access for the Web (Only if the Supervisor selects Peer Reviewer):
    1. Log into Faculty Access for the Web as a teacher 
    2. In Gradebook, click Setup, and then Comment Approval. 
    3. Select the appropriate faculty/staff member.