Blackbaud NetCommunity Limits
Blackbaud NetCommunity and The Raiser's Edge linked constituent list limits are dependent on the number of merge fields, and available resources in the client environment.  For optimal performance, combined list limits of 100,000 constituents using 1 merge field or less are recommended.  Note: Though you can send up to 100,000 constituents in one mailing, we do recommend limiting each email list to less than 20,000 constituents when using constituent lists based off queries from The Raiser's Edge.  This also applied to lists from Education Edge.  Factors such as additional merge fields and server settings may also lower the recommended number of addresses when using these type of lists.  If you are using these recommended numbers and experiencing issues, you may need to lower these numbers for best results.

Blackbaud Email Limits.
Blackbaud Email Services does not limit the number of email messages allowed in a mailing sent through a Blackbaud program. However, in select instances—such as when a sender consistently demonstrates poor list quality or a lack of compliance with CAN-SPAM laws and email industry best practices—Blackbaud may enforce a sending limit on the sender to protect all senders' reputations and ensure first-in-class delivery.  To expedite delivery, we recommend that no email job exceed 100,000 messages when using other lists that are not query based.

Why enforce a sending limit?
Most client email is sent from shared IP addresses, and the actions of one client can negatively impact deliverability for others. For example, if one client sends a mailing that generates a large number of SPAM complaints from AOL recipients and raises the overall complaint rate above AOL’s acceptable threshold, there is an increased likelihood that AOL will remove Blackbaud’s shared IP addresses from its whitelist. When a sender is removed from the whitelist, AOL imposes a sending limit to their recipients. Re-establishing whitelist status often takes several days.

Blackbaud does not have the ability to determine the validity of an email address prior to the initial mailing, and the only way to verify a recipient list is to actually send a message. Therefore, Blackbaud uses the email limit to protect clients’ sending reputations and to ensure clients comply with CAN-SPAM law and email industry best practices when they use the Blackbaud’s communication tools.

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