In order to have a backup that we can successfully restore your data from in the event of a catastrophic failure on your Fundware server, these are required at a minimum:
  1. You must use a backup program with a SQL agent in it (7.14 clients and later).
  2. You must do full (not incremental) backups on the data nightly.
  3. Your backups must include the following folders

      a. The entire FundWare folder. 
      b. The entire MSSQL\Data folder.  This is normally found under Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.
      c. Any third-party application folders such as F9, APC, Connect or Corridor if they are not installed inside the FundWare\Data folder.
  4. These backups need to be stored someplace safe (preferably off-site).

    Data Restore Information:

    Using your tape backup software/hardware, in the event you need to restore your data, you will restore the entire FundWare, MSSQL\Data and third-party application folders. All FundWare data must be in synch with each other, thus you must utilize a full backup method (not incremental) and the folders must be backed up daily. Both FundWare\Data and MSSQL\data folders must be restored to have the data in sync.