1. Make sure that you have a good backup and that everyone is out of Fundware.
2. Select File, and select Open Fundware.
3. Verify that 00 System Administration appears in the drop down box, click OK.
4. Select System Administration, and select System Utilities.
5. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

       Program Name            AFW800
       Switches                       <blank>
       Parameters                  AFW807
       Business Date            Use today's date
       Division                         Select the appropriate division.
       Click Run.

6. Hit enter at the blue screen.
7. The DOS prompt appears.

**Instead of ## for the following steps, insert your division number for the files.  Instead of fff, insert the file name you are reorging.

8. Type: copy   ##fff*.*    xxfff*.* (press enter). 
9. Type:  rename    ##fff*.*    99fff*.* (press enter). 
10. Type: rebuild  99fff,##fff   /d  (press enter).

 You should receive the message "rebuilding of corrupt data completed - records read =  ##
Corrupt records recovered =  ##"   when it completes

11. Type:  exit (press enter)

Perform FileMaint again and confirm you do not receive an error on this file.