The Custom Cookie Tool enables additional layout and coding options not available to standard users of Blackbaud Sphere.  The Custom Cookie Tool should be used in order to insert or use custom design code in Sphere.   Please keep in mind the considerations below when using the Custom Cookie Tool in order to unlock or enable the ability to use custom design code in Sphere initiatives.

You will need to visit this URL for every browser instance or computer in which you wish to enable or unlock custom features.

If enabled successfully, you should receive a message noting You now have access to customized features. 

After this is enabled:
  1. Navigate to Communites>Friends Asking Friends>Kintera Thon
  2. Hover over the event you want to edit and click Website Info
  3. Click Website Design
    • With the Custom Cookie Tool Enabled, you will see additional sections of Additional HTML and Advanced HTML, with various boxes within.  Add your content as needed
  4. Click Save when finished

NOTE: The Custom Cookie Tool is for advanced developers only.  As with any area where non-standard coding can be utilized, caution should be applied in usage. Custom design code can in some cases interfere with normal Sphere functionality. Troubleshooting issues caused by the use of custom design code is beyond the scope of Sphere support. In these cases, resolving issues caused by custom design code will need to be addressed by our Professional Services team, which is a billable engagement.

NOTE: If there is existing custom code within these areas, copy all the code, paste it into a Notepad file and save the code locally. We recommend taking a backup of the code before making any changes. If something goes awry during editing, you may load in the backup.

For customers interested in pricing for training on the use of this tool, please contact your account manager.