To run the Employee History by Period report:

  1. Go to File, Report Manager.
  2. Select Payroll/Personnel as the module.
  3. Select Predefined Reports as the Report Category.
  4. Double-click the report name "PYEHSTP".
  5. Enter the desired Reporting Date.
  6. Select the period.  Description for the periods are as follows:
  • C - Total on date specified ( run for a single payroll date).
  • M - Monthly Total (gives the total of the month used in the reporting date.
  • Q - Quarterly Total (gives the total of the quarter involved in the reporting date. Ie. if run on 2/15/09, but payrolls have been processed through 3/31/09, the entire quarter is reported, not just through the 2/15 date).
  • H - Half year total (gives totals posted in either the first 6 months of the calendar year or the last 6 months, depending on the Reporting date). It does not include beginning balances.
  • Y - Year through date specified (this is the only option that looks at the reporting date only. If produced for reporting date 2/15/09, it will only give payrolls through that date). It does report beginning balances.
  • B - Beginning Balance (this will show any beginning balances rolled forward from previous years; usually only items such as vacation and sick accruals, pay period counts, etc.)
  • T - Total for year (this ignores the Reporting date other than the year and reports any payrolls in that year).
  • A - Total for year with beginning balances. (this is the same as Option T except for the beginning balances) This is the option used when verifying W2 amounts vs the payroll history.
  1. Complete the remaining options and click OK.
  2. The report "PYEHSTP.L##" is created in Print Manger.