Create the Virtual Account:
  1. Highlight Control, Administration, Organization Setup
  2. Click Manage Users
  3. Click Manage Virtual Accounts
  4. Click New Virtual Account. The Add a New Privilege Group window opens.
  5. For Virtual Account Name, enter a name for the Virtual Account (for example, San Diego Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, and so on).
  6. For Description, enter a brief description that will help you to easily identify the Virtual Account in Sphere.
  7. Click Submit.

The Virtual Account will be created, and the Virtual Accounts field shows the name of the new Virtual Account.

If applicable, link segments to the Virtual Account (BB710010), map the Virtual Account to a disbursement location (BB710008) or associate an event to a virtual account (BB750656).

Funds created in a Virtual Account are automatically mapped to the Virtual Account. This means that when a transaction originates from a form or event page created from a Virtual Account, the funds will be automatically associated with the Virtual Account.