When a user globally opts out via an email preferences page, their opt out status is recorded in NetCommunity. There are a few ways to view the opt out status for recipients. Depending on what list type the user opted out of, the manner to view the opt outs can vary. When users opt-out through the opt-out link in the email, the user's email address is blocked on our servers from receiving email.

Note: if a recipient opts outs out of a Constituent list, they will still be included in Imported List messages. If they opt out of an Imported List data type, they will still be eligible to receive Constituent data type emails. 
Note: if an email address is shared between constituents within the Raiser's Edge, for example Record A and Record B have the same email address, and if Record A opts out, Record B is still eligible to receive messages. Opt outs for Constituent Lists are per Constituent and not per email address. Opt outs for imported lists are record on an per email address basis. 

Opt outs per List
  1. Navigate to Email>Lists
  2. Locate the list you want to view opt outs for and note the Data Source
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the list you want to view opt outs for
    • If the Data Source is Constituents, click the Refresh List button. Wait for the list to refresh, periodically refreshing the page before moving on to the next step. (Note: If applicable, process all updates in the NetCommunity plug-in first before refreshing the list to view the latest information.)
    • If the Data Source is a static list type, for example Imported List or Registered Users, proceed to next step. When users opt-out as a recipient of an Imported List, the action is reflected in the list real-time.
  4. Click View List
  5. Select Opted out from the Filter by Opt Outs dropdown
  6. Click Filter

Opt outs per Message
Opt outs for messages show all the recipients who were opted out prior to receiving the message you're viewing. It does not show users who opted out of that specific message. Opt outs are not reflected in real time for a current message.  If a recipient chooses to opt-out after received and opened the current message, it will not be reflected in the current message report, but will be displayed as opt-out in next message when the same email address is included. ​

Pre 7.1
  1. Navigate to Email>Messages
  2. Click the graph icon for your message
  3. Click the Recipients tab
  4. From the Status dropdown, select Opted Out
  5. Click Filter
Post 7.1
  1. Navigate to Email>Messages
  2. Click the graph icon for your message to expand the honeycomb view. The following options can be used to view opt outs:
    • Next to Opt Outs, click the link to open the Opt Out report. Note: this only shows the recipients who were opted out prior to receiving the message.
    • Click Export>Summary: this will export a summary of the message, including a line item for Opted out. This only shows the recipients who were opted out prior to receiving the message.
    • Click Export>Details: this will export a detailed list of each recipient. You can filter by Opted Out. This report shows a combination of recipients who were opted out prior to receiving the message and who opted out of this particular message.
    • Sum of users who clicked Email Preferences Page: Click Additional Information>Click Report>User Email Preferences Page

Query for Raiser's Edge Constituents
For constituent based lists, opt outs are recorded on the constituent record in The Raiser's Edge. The opt out is indicated by the Requests no email checkbox being marked on the Bio 1 and NetCommunity tabs. A query can be created to pull a list of constituents who have opted out by following these steps:
  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to Query
  3. Click New Query
  4. For Query Type, select Constituent
  5. Click OK
  6. On the Criteria tab
  7. Expand Constituent Information
  8. Select Request No Email? and click Select
  9. For Operator, choose equals and for Value choose Yes
  10. Click OK
    • If you want to include specific NetCommunity information, expand NetCommunity and include your desired info
  11. Add any other desired criteria, then click Next
  12. Add any desired output, then click next to sort
  13. When you're ready to run the query, proceed to step 4 Results or click Run Query (flying green exclamation point)
Check an Individual's Opted Out Status From The Raiser's Edge
For recipients who have received a NetCommunity email message using a Constituent query or who have a linked record between NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge, you can check their opt out status on the Constituent record.
  1. Log into Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to Records>Constituents
  3. Click Open a Constituent
  4. Search for and open the record
  5. Under the Bio 1, in the lower right corner, check the "Request no email" box.
    • If this box is marked, it indicates the user is opted out
    • If this box is not marked, it indicates the user is not opted out
Newsletter opt outs are recorded only on the Newsletter. They do not send a profile update into The Raiser's Edge.
  1. Navigate to Email>Newsletters
  2. Click the Pencil icon next to the Newsletter name
  3. Click the graph icon next to the Issue
  4. Click the Issues Not Sent tab
  5. Note the Opt Out Number
    • The exact opt outed recipient email address does not show. You could compare the recipient list from the previous newsletter to the next recent to determine who may have opted out.
*Note: The date and time of when a user opted out is not available via opt out report