To add the image to the email:

  1. In NetMail, open the message to which you want to add an image.  
  2. To include an image in your email message, under General Links, double-click Images. The New Image Link appears.
  3. Double-click New Image Link. The Insert Image screen appears.
  4. In the Description field, enter a title for the image.
  5. In the Image File field, click the ellipsis to access the Open screen.
  6. Select the image file to include and click Open to return to the Insert Image screen. 
  7. On the Insert Image screen, select an Alignment.
  8. Click OK. The image appears in your message.

To add a background image:

  1. Click NetSolutions, NetMail.
  2. Click the New Email button.
  3. Select Format, Page Properties from the menu bar.
  4. Browse to the location of the image under Background image and select the option for watermark.
  5. Add text to NetMail message and submit it.

To align an image:

When adding the linked images, select the appropriate alignment option from the Alignment drop-down list: None, Left, Right, Top, Middle, Bottom. When aligning the image in this way, text can be typed before and after the image without issue.


  • The image must be added as a link and not copied into the email.
  • The network or local image location should not be changed until the NetMail is sent.
  • The Raiser's Edge makes a copy of the image, but the image is not moved.
  • Once the email is sent, the image is copied to the server.
  • When recipients review the email, the image that they are viewing is on the Raiser's Edge server.