Below are links to the Knowledgebase solutions regarding The Raiser's Edge - General Ledger interface, specific to which versions are being used.

Note: If your applications are hosted by Blackbaud Hosting Services, please see How to start, stop or reset the integration between The Financial Edge and The Raiser's Edge for a hosted site

Note: We do not support an interface between the Raiser's Edge 6 and The Financial Edge. The Raiser's Edge 7 features a direct posting interface with The Financial Edge.

  1. Establishing the interface between The Raiser's Edge and General Ledger:
  2. Posting from The Raiser's Edge:
  3. Importing The Raiser's Edge Post file into General Ledger:

An Overview of How Gifts Move from The Raiser's Edge to The Financial Edge:

  1. In The Raiser's Edge on the Configuration page, the interface is set up between The Raiser's Edge and General Ledger.
  2. In Records or in Batch, gifts are added.  The GL post status should be Not Posted, and a value should be entered in the GL post date field. If entering gifts in batch, the batch is committed  to add the gifts to the constituent records.
  3. In Administration, the gifts are posted to General Ledger, creating an open Journal Entry batch in The Financial Edge.
  4. In the Financial Edge on the Journal Entry page, the journal entry batch is reviewed and posted.