Note: Bank adjustments cannot be edited or deleted once posted or reconciled. To correct an adjustment error, a new adjustment must be entered to off set the incorrect amount.

  1. In Banks, select the appropriate bank account
  2. Under Cash Management Tasks, click Create a new adjustment
  3. On the Adjustment tab, select an adjustment category in the Category drop-down list or enter a new category
  4. Enter the effective date of the adjustment in the Date field
  5. Enter the amount of the adjustment in the Amount field
  6. In the Type field, select Deposit, Payment, or Transfer Out
  7. Enter a journal reference in the Reference field
  8. Enter a Post Status and Post Date
  9. To indicate the adjustment has cleared the bank, mark Cleared on and enter the date it cleared
  10. On the Distribution tab, enter a distribution
  11. Click Save and Close