1. In Banks, select the bank that contains the adjustments that need to be posted.
  2. Under Administrative Tasks, click Post Adjustments to General Ledger.
  3. Select a journal for the adjustment. 
  4. To create an export file with the posting information, mark Create an export file in this format and enter a file name and the location to save the exported file.
  5. Select a journal reference for the Cash management adjustment or Interfund entry.  If Default is selected, the journal reference defined in Configuration will be used, if Custom is selected, enter a new journal reference in the Journal Reference column. 
  6. Select the Filters tab to specify the adjustments to include in the posting. 
  7. Transactions can be filtered by post dates, and/or document dates, or by a query.
  8. Select the Format tab. 
  9. Define parameters for the Post report.
  10. Select to "Preview Post Report" and a printer so the report will open on the screen
  11. Click Validate to review transactions to be posted.
  12. Click Post Now when ready to post the transactions.

Note: Reconciled bank adjustment transactions with a status of Not Yet Posted can be posted to General Ledger, but the amount of the transaction cannot be edited after it is reconciled.