Copy the HTML source from the original template, or message, and paste it into a new template:
  1. Click the pencil icon to edit the template or message that we need to copy 
  2. Click the View tab
  3. Click the HTML Code button
  4. Press  CTRL+a  to select all of the HTML code
  5. Press  CTRL+c  to copy the selection
  6. Close that template or message
  7. Click Email > Templates
  8. Create a new template, selecting the new data source that you want to use
    1. Note: For Constituent query based lists you will always choose Constituents for the Data Source. Once you are in the email itself you can choose the specific constituent/query based list from Recipient Lists.
    2. Note: For Imported Lists, when you are in the Data source drop-down you will see the name of the list you created. Therefore, you must create the imported list before you can create the template. When you are in the email message itself you will notice that The Recipient Lists field already has the List in it.
  9. Click the View tab
  10. Click the HTML Code button
  11. Press  CTRL+v  to paste the HTML from the original template
  12. Click Update
  13. Click Save for the new template