If you have a license for Crystal Reports XI Release 1 you can download Crystal Reports XI Release 2 with Service Packs directly from the SAP Business Objects website for free. To find out what version you currently have installed, please review "How to tell if Crystal Reports is installed on a workstation and the version number".

SAP SE suggested steps to upgrade Crystal Reports XI R1 to Crystal Reports XI R2 Service Pack 6:

  1. Note your existing CR XI R1 keycode (Help > About Crystal Reports)
  2. Uninstall your current CR XI R1 product (optional)
  3. Download the Crystal Reports XI R2 SP4 Full Build (required in order to upgrade to SP6)
  4. Download the Crystal Reports XI R2 SP6 Incremental Build
  5. Install Crystal Reports XI R2 SP4 Full Build using the CR XI R1 keycode you noted in step 1 above
  6. Install Crystal Reports XI R2 SP6 Incremental Build (you will not be prompted for a keycode here)
  7. Open the Crystal Reports application. In the Help menu, select About Crystal Reports, the version should be
Please use the following SAP SE websites to obtain additional information and files for Crystal Reports XI Release 2:
Note: After upgrading to Crystal Reports 11.5, if you receive an "Automation Error", please follow the steps in the article "Error: Automation error The specified module could not be found - when previewing a Custom Crystal Report".

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