To upload an image, complete the following steps:

1. From Site explorer, click Image library. Image library appears.
2. Click Add image(s). The Add image(s) screen appears.
3. To search for an image on your hard drive or computer network, click Browse. The File Upload screen appears.
    Tip: Image files must be of the *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, or *.jpeg file types.
4. Select an image and click Open. Under File, the filename appears.
5. Under Name, enter a name for the image. The name does not appear on your website
6. To add more images, click another Browse button.
7. In the Image Category box, select category folders for the images. You can store images in multiple folders. If you do not select a category, the program stores images in the Images folder.
8.  To create a category folder, enter a folder name in the and/or new category field. After you upload the images, the new category folder appears on the Categories tab.
9.To approve the images for your website, select Approved.  Note: When you select Require approval for all images uploaded by users on the Settings tab in Sites, you must approve images that website users upload. Until the system supervisor approves the image, it is visible only to the user who uploads it. To other users, an unapproved image appears as a “Photo Not Available” graphic.
10. To upload the images, click Upload Image(s). You are then returned to Image library.

Note: Captions will only work for images inside of a slideshow part.