The system does not have any option to edit the title. You will need to delete the entire link and add back the link with a new title.

In order to access Custom Menu Items to add/remove/edit them, perform the following steps:

1. Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
2. Hover over the name of your Kintera Thon
3. Click Website Info
4. Click Website Features under Event Customization
5. Under Custom Menu Links, you will see a link for Add/Edit/View Custom menu items
6. Click this link

You will see the Add Menu Items window open (if you do not, please ensure your browser is not set to block pop-up windows for

To add a new Custom Menu Item:

1. In the top part of the screen define the Menu item name, which will be the name of the link as it appears in the navigation on your Thon site. 
2. You can then set the link to the web site or web page you want to point to in Menu item link
3. If you want to have your external link be a pop-up window, leave the checkbox marked, otherwise remove it so that the links will open the page in the current viewing window.  To add the Custom Menu Item, click Add.

To delete a currently in-use Custom Menu Item:

1. Locate the Custom menu items list at the bottom of the screen
2. Click Delete next to the menu item you wish to remove