1. Select File, Open FundWare.
  2. Select Division 00 - System Administration from the drop-down and click OK.
  3. Select Division Maintenance.
  4. If the division does not already exist:
    1. Click New.
    2. Enter the Division number (##) of the database that needs to be restored in the Division field. This will be AFW## where ## = the Division number.
    3. Enter a name in the Name field.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Click OK to the Division being successfully created.
    6. Click Backup for the selected Division.
    7. Click OK to the message which states the Division has been backed up to <path> FundWare\Data\Backup\AFW##_DateandTimeofBackup.
      Note: The Restore button will only be activated if the division has a backup.   You may want to delete the new back up to avoid confusion in restoring.
  5. Once the division is created:
    1. Highlight the Division.
    2. Click Restore and select the correct backup in the pop up window.
    3. Click Apply and OK.