How to identify the incorrect account:

Run a TRBAL Trial Balance Report (Report Manager, General Ledger, Financial Statements). A Trial Balance Report first looks for accounts that fit the account mask entered when producing the report. It then looks for "active and available" accounts, designated by Status = A. The third criterion the Trial Balance report looks for is the account number. This is the only report that does not pull information by attribute. Therefore, it will pull accounts that do not have attributes assigned. This report will show the first attribute defined for each account. (For example: if there is an attribute in position one, that will be displayed. If there is no attribute in position one, it will display the attribute in position two, etc). Look for blanks to the left of the account or the incorrect attribute and correct.

To correct an attribute:
1.  From General Ledger, click on Accounts, Edit Account.
2.  Type in the account number and click on Load Account.
3.  Double click on the word Select under the Attribute column.
4.  In the Attribute screen, in the column Value and Description, click on the box for System Reserved.
5.  Select the correct attribute from the drop down, and click on OK.
6.  Click on Apply to continue editing attributes on accounts, or click OK, and click Ok again to accept the changes and close this screen.

You could also run the ACVER Account Verification report (Report Manager, General Ledger, System Lists) accepting all defaults, to find accounts without attributes.  All accounts without attributes will be listed first on this report, and it will show if they are created by posting.

Re-run the reports to verify they are in balance.

The Trial Balance will not pull accounts that have a Status = D (Descriptive.)  It will only pull accounts that have a Status = A (Active and Available).  To find accounts with Status = D (Descriptive), run a LEDGR Ledger Report (Report Manager, General Ledger, Transaction Reports).  A Ledger Report first looks for accounts that fit the account mask entered when producing the report. It then looks for standard attributes. This report will pick up Status = D (Descriptive Accounts) that have been posted to.

Compare the Trial Balance and Ledger Reports for accounts that are on one report, but not on the other. If the Ledger report reveals there has been posting to a descriptive account:

1. Make a journal entry to remove the entry from the descriptive account, and debit/credit the correct account. 
2. If this is the correct account, change the attribute from DS to the correct attribute.  See the instructions to correct an attribute in step 1 above.

Re-run the reports to verify they are in balance and agree.

Ensure you are using only one attribute to designate Fund Balance (FB) or Net Assets (NA).  The attribute used on your accounts must match the attribute used in the Balance Sheet report definition.

Run a TRANS Transaction Log (Report Manager, General Ledger, Transaction Reports) for the time frame the report is out of balance. Look for any out of balance postings, designated by "***".  Out-of-balance trace reports must be reversed using an override.  You can also run the Ledger and a Trial Balance reports. If either are out-of-balance (debits do not equal credits), continue troubleshooting with the Troubleshooting out-of-Balance General Ledger document.