The following solution is for when all users do not see the reports.  If it is one user only, make sure they have access granted in Security. If they appear to have access in security, try setting up a new user for the employee's login.

When no users can see the reports:

  1. Have all users sign out of FundWare.  The file names in steps 2 and 3 are for FundWare versions 7.30 and later only.
  2. Using Windows Explorer at the server, make a copy or rename the ##GLA*.* and ##GLC*.* files (where ## is your division number), these files are located in the FundWare\Data directory.
  3. From a recent backup prior to this issue, restore the ##GLA*.* and ##GLC*.* files to the Fundware\Data directory.
  4. If you also have Project Grant ID types and those reports are missing, repeat steps 2 and 3 for ##PGA*.* AND ##PGC*.*.
If it is not possible to restore the reports from backup:

CAUTION:  This override will delete any FASB report's attribute column setup.  Also it is possible to make modifications to a few standard reports or add them as new if only a few are missing.  This override will reload all the defaults.  You might want to refresh your Test Division first to use as a report reference, or print all your report definitions first.

Perform a Division backup in Division 00 prior to running the instructions below.

Steps to create or reload ALL standard reports:
  1. Select File, Open IFW
  2. Verify that 00 - System Administration appears in the dropdown box, click OK
  3. Select System Administration,System Utilities.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
           Program Name:   GLS117
           Switches:           <leave blank>
           Parameters:       <leave blank>
           Business Date:    Use today's date
           Division:              Select the appropriate division.
           Click Run.
           Enter your ID Type if prompted.

    A sample of your account structure is now displayed.  Using the sample, enter the number of the dimension which indicates your fund, department, and object.  You can enter spaces, dashes or other separators that will display in the report.  For example, your account structure is AFFF DD-S GGGGG.g where FFF is your Fund, DD is your Department, S is your Sub-department, and GGGGG.g is your Account or Object dimension and Sub-Object dimension.  Your account will be displayed as A001 02-3 44444.5   Complete your screen as follows:

    Fund              1
    Department     2-3
    Object            4.5
  4. Run some sample reports to ensure your accounts are displayed correctly.  If not, complete step 3 again.
If the situation involves Project Grant Reports, then Program Name PGS117 is used in place of GLS117 as above.