1. Navigate to Contacts > Database Management > Field Management > Manage Custom Fields.
  2. Click Add a Field beside the folder where the specific field should be created (Custom Profile Fields or Custom Event Field)
  3. Enter a Label for the field 
  4. (Optional) Choose the folder you wish the field to display in - This option is used to group the fields together in the Custom Fields tab of the supporter contact records 
  5. Choose the Data Type (for example, choose Drop Down Box or Text)
  6. Depending on the Data Type chosen, the next step may ask for a list of selections or number of characters.  For Radio Buttons or Drop Down Box, you may need to compile a list.  For example, a Drop Down Box for a list of eye colors may look like this:

  7. Once the list or number of characters is filled in where applicable, click Save.
The custom field(s) can now be added to forms as needed.