1. Go to Memberships > Print membership cards (You might have a variety of processes for various groups of members like new members and renewal members)
  2. To add a new process, click Add
NOTE: If you need to add a new membership card template, see Membership Card Formats which can be added in Marketing & Communications > Letter Template Library
  1. Run the Print membership card process
  2. When the process completes you can view the specific results of the print process by clicking Go to Results
User-added image
​​​ NOTE: Viewing the cards in the results page will not change the print status of the cards
  1. If no corrections need to be made, click on the Print membership card process link at the top of the screen
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NOTE: If any corrections do need to be made, note the memberships to be corrected and click Clear Results in the top left section under Tasks. Go to the membership records, address the issues, and re-run the print membership card process.
  1. Click Print Cards. If the Print Cards option is grayed out, this indicates that the cards have already been run for this process
  2. A window will pop up to confirm that the correct format will be used for the process. Click Save to proceed. This will mark the cards as printed in Altru
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  1. Click Download Output to create the cards in a Word document.
NOTE: If you need to clear the results of a run and redo cards, click Clear Results on the process status