Determine how you want to sell the gift membership, I.E.  Daily Sales, Advance Sales or Constituent record
Note: If you sell a membership through Daily or Advance Sales, the sale will be included in an open drawer. You will then submit the drawer and create a sales deposit. If the membership is sold through the constituent record, you will simply link this payment to a deposit. 
  1. Sell a gift membership in Daily Sales
    1. From Sales, Click Daily Sales
    2. Search and Select the Patron who is purchasing the membership
    3. Click the Memberships button
    4. Click Give a Membership
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    5. Search and select the constituent who will receive the gift membership
      1. Note: If the constituent who is receiving the membership does not have a record in Altru, Click Add
        User-added image
    6. Click the membership the constituent will be purchasing
    7. Enter any additional details in the Sell a Membership window
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    8. Click Save
    9. Add a Payment
    10. Click Complete
  2. Sell a gift membership in Advance Sales
  3. Sell a gift membership on a constituent record 
    1. In Constituents, constituent search open the record giving the gift
    2. In the Tasks window, click Add a Membership
    3. Select giving a membership to someone else
    4. Select the record who the membership is being given to
    5. In the Send renewal to, select Giver, Primary Member or Giver and primary member
    6. Enter addtional details, like finder number, appeal or inbound channel
    7. Select the program, level and term in the 'What are they paying for' section
    8. Select if a discount or promotion should be applied to this
    9. Select which members should receive a card, edit names as needed
    10. Enter payment details, click Save