System requirements for the web-accessible sample database environment provided during a training class:

  • All Users
    • Open network firewall ports
      • Outbound TCP (55001 - 55100)
      • This port range is usually accessible by default for the majority of Blackbaud customers. If you are unsure, ask your helpdesk or IT support.
    • Broadband Internet Access
    • A web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • PC Users
    • Windows 7 or later
  • Mac Users

Instructions for optional network or standalone sample database access:

I. If there is one (1) user attending a training class, and you already have The Raiser's Edge software installed on your computer, go to your server where the Blackbaud Management Console is located and attach the sample database in the Blackbaud Management Console.  The sample database files are typically located in the "SampleData" folder under the Blackbaud program files folder (Default location:  C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\The Raisers Edge 7\SampleData\). 

Note: This will add the Sample database as an option/selection for all users connected through this server/Blackbaud Management Console, so notify other users of this change. Now, when users click on The Raiser's Edge icon, they will first have to select which database to use.  Once they select the correct database, they will continue logging in as usual. Usernames/passwords may be different between databases.

II. If there are multiple users attending the same training class or you are hosted by Blackbaud, you must install the standalone version of The Raiser's Edge using the instructions below as an example.

Please note that once you have installed a standalone installation on your computer, a copy of the sample database will automatically be attached to SQL Server and ready for use.

Things to consider before installing a standalone:  

  • If you are not hosted by Blackbaud, the machine(s) being used for this installation should be dedicated for The Raiser's Edge training.  They will not be able to have this standalone setup for Training and access your organization's network production database.
  • Make sure your computer meets the system requirements of the software you are installing.
  • If applicable, uninstall any existing installations of the product you are using via Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features.
  • Be sure to install using a Windows account which has local administrator rights on the computer.
  • Check to see if MSXML 6.0 Service Pack 2 is installed via Programs and Features (Windows Vista or 7).  If present, then complete the steps in Knowledgebase Solution 53246 to resolve a known Microsoft issue that causes the installation of SQL Server 2005 Express to fail.

To install a standalone:

  1. Navigate to and click log in.
    [Screenshot of Blackbaud website login]

  2. Choose Support, then Downloads from the menu.
    [Screenshot of website downloads option]

  3. In the list of downloadable products, select the option for The Raiser's Edge 7 (PA-DSS Version).
  4. Download both The Raiser's Edge application and the latest available patch.
    [Screenshot of Raiser's Edge download page]

  5. Open the location where the files were downloaded to and create a new folder called "RE795".  Move the DOWNLOAD_RE795SQL.EXE file downloaded file into your newly created RE795 folder.  After moving the file, double-click DOWNLOAD_RE795SQL.EXE to launch The Raiser's Edge application extractor.
  6. A window with options to extract the installation files appears. Click ExtractNote: The default will extract the files to the same location where the file itself is being run from.   If you want to extract the files to a different location, then select the ellipses button to change the location for the extracted files but keep in mind that a folder does not automatically get created during the extraction process.
  7. Open the contents of the RE795 folder or navigate to the folder location where the files were extracted.
  8. Double-click Setup.exe to start the installation process for The Raiser’s Edge.
    [Screenshot of Setup.exe file]

  9. Choose Install when the InstallShield prerequisites screen appears.
    [Screenshot of prerequisites prompt]
  10. After all prerequisites are installed, the installation for The Raiser’s Edge will begin. Click Next.
    [Screenshot of Installation Wizard initial screen]

  11. Accept or decline the terms of agreement and click Next.
    Note: The terms must be accepted before the installation can continue. Declining the terms will terminate the installation process.
    [Screenshot of license terms]

  12. Select Standalone and click Next.
    [Screenshot of install type options]
  13. Change the path for installation or accept the default location and click Next.
    [Screenshot of installation destination]

  14. Click Install to start the installation process. Once clicked, the installation process will start.
    Note: Depending on the system, this process may take several minutes.
    [Screenshot of Install button]
  15. Once the installation has completed, click Finish.
    [Screenshot of Finish button]

  16. If you have also downloaded a patch for The Raiser's Edge, navigate to the folder in which the re795patchXX.exe patch file was downloaded. Double-click re795patchXX.exe to start the patch installation process.
  17. In the Patch installation Wizard that appears, click Upgrade The Raiser's Edge. Allow the process to complete.
    Note: Depending on the system, this process may take several minutes.
    [Screenshot of patch installation wizard]
  18. Click OK to acknowledge the completion of the patch process. Restart the system, if prompted.

The Raiser's Edge installation and patch process is complete. To launch The Raiser's Edge, perform the following steps:
  1. Double click The Raiser’s Edge icon on your desktop. In the screen that displays, click the option for the sample database.
  2. On the credential screen that appears, enter Supervisor as a username and ADMIN as a password. Click Next.
  3. Click Yes on the message prompt that appears stating that the database will need to be upgraded.
    Note: Depending on the system, this process may take several minutes.
  4. During the upgrade process a window will appear asking you to enter BBPS credentials. Since this is a sample database you are logging into, choose No, just truncate all credit card information and click OK.
    [Screenshot of BBPS option]

  5. Click Yes on the confirmation message (Are you sure you want to truncate all credit card information...).

The Raiser's Edge application should appear to log into.

Note: The default login for the Sample database is the username Supervisor and the password ADMIN

For Installation assistance, call 800.468.8996 and select menu option 1 (Customer Support), option 1 (The Raiser's Edge), option 2 (Installation Support).