To resend a transaction acknowledgement processed via BBMS:
  1. Click Transactions > Transaction Search
  2. Enter the criteria to search for the transaction
  3. Click Search
  4. Once the transaction has been located, click the ellipsis > Resend acknowledgement
  5. Enter the Recipient email address and modify and Reply to address or Subject lines if necessary
  6. Click Send acknowledgement

To automatically send acknowledgements processed via BBMS Virtual Terminal:
  1. Click Account Management > General settings
  2. Click Edit email acknowledgement settings
  3. Complete the required fields
  4. Mark the "Send virtual terminal acknowledgements" checkbox
  5. Click Save
The email acknowledgement settings will be the same for Virtual Terminal acknowledgements as well as MobilePay, but the content will vary slightly. Please see What is included in the content of BBMS email acknowledgements?

For formal receipts and Donor Acknowledgement Letters please consult your product user guide.