Causes for Overages and Shortages: 
  1. When a cash transaction is refunded and a check is cut for the refund instead, the drawer will show an overage.  This occurs because the drawer expects that cash was taken out to give the refund to the patron.  Because a check was cut instead, the cash that is counted will be over what the drawer expects.  Solution: When the sales deposit is created, an adjustment will be added to the deposit for the Over amount and will be mapped according to the Over/Short mappings in the General Ledger Setup. 
  2. One person rang up an order, but another ticket seller accepted the money and put it in their drawer.  This will cause one person's drawer to be short and the other person's drawer to be over, since they didn't ring up the order.  Solution: Since there was truly no overage or shortage, edit both drawers and enter the correct amounts so that there is no shortage or overage.  For example, increase the one drawer for the amount of the shortage and decrease the other drawer for the amount of the overage.
  3. A ticket seller entered a payment through the back office (add a payment or add a membership screen), but entered the money into their Altru drawer.  This will cause an overage in the drawer.  Solution: Edit the drawer and remove the money that was entered through the back office.  This will remove the overage from the drawer.
  4. An order was completed without a discount.  The payment was accidentally entered for more than the payment amount.  In this case, there is no overage or shortage on a drawer.  However, Altru is reflecting more money than what actually happened.  Solution: Issue a partial refund on the order that same day while the drawer is open.