For Constituent lists

NetCommunity will only send an email to the constituent under the following circumstances.
  • They are included in the query.
    1. Note: please ensure the query is not corrupted by creating a new query in Raiser's Edge and then a new list in NetCommunity
  • They have an individual constituent record. (Organizations and relationships do not work).
  • They have an email listed on their Bio1 tab in Raiser's Edge constituent record.
  • The phone type for that email matches what is set under Administration, Sites & settings in NetCommunity.
  • The email address is not marked as inactive in The Raiser's Edge.
  • In Raiser's Edge 7.94 the phone type is not marked as Inactive as NetCommunity will only send to active phone records
To send to constituents that cannot be included in a constituent list for one of the listed reasons, please use an imported list

For Imported lists:

Confirm Email Address and Recipient Display Name are not swapped.
  1. Edit the list.
  2. Confirm the name and email address drop downs are not swapped.
  3. Fix them if they are swapped.
  4. Click Save.
Verify the email is not Opted Out.
  1. Edit the list.
  2. Click tab: View List.
  3. Select: "Opted Out" from the dropdown - Filter by opt outs.
  4. Click Filter.
  5. If the email displays in the list they have opted out of receiving emails from all imported lists.
  6. Use a different email address or click here for steps to Opt the recipient back in.
For any list type:
This may especially happen when sending test messages.
Check invalid accounts
In Version 6.41 or before: Deleting the email will Not stop it from sending at some time in the future.
In Version 6.45 and after: Deleting the email Will stop it from sending at some time in the future.