Try each of the following until the issue is resolved: 
  1. Navigate to Tickets > Ticket Sales Setup > Price types and make sure the types are Active in Altru
  2. Navigate to Tickets > Sales Methods > click on the sales method you are working in (Online, Daily, Advance Sales) > Price Types tab and make sure those same price types are allowed to be used for this sales method
  3. Navigate to Events > Program Search and locate the program record. Go to the Prices tab and make sure the price types have been added to the program. Then go to the Event List tab in the program, go into each event (or the incorrect one) and make sure all price types transferred to the event record from the program
  4. If working with an Event registration form:
    1. Navigate to Events > Event Search. Open the Options tab, and make sure the registration count is appropriate for the registration type:
      • For example = If the Type is Adult, the registration count should be 1.  If the type is Couple, the count should be 2. This count related to the number of registrations per type of registration that they purchase and is unrelated to the quantity available, which is specified in the capacity for the event.
    2. Navigate to Web > Manage Event Registrations and locate the particular event. Click the Options button for that web form and make sure the Registration Option is checked to be included in web forms.

If after reviewing the above steps this issue continues, please click Chat with Support and reference this article.