We need to begin by building a query to group all necessary sales orders:
  1. Go to Analysis>Query and click Add to add a new ad-hoc Query
  2. Choose Sales Orders for the record type
  3. Add Sales Order Item/Sales Order Item Ticket/Program Event/Event Record is equal to [search for and select the event for which you would like a roster]
  4. Save and close this query, be sure to choose to create a selection

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Then, we need to add a new export definition that includes all fields you want to see in your output:
  1. Go to Administration>Export Definitions and click Add
  2. Choose Sales Orders as the record type
  3. Choose your desired output fields
  4. When you choose to output a “one-to-many” field, Altru will prompt you to specify export criteria. Altru will ask you how many records you want to output, output as many fields as you deem necessary. For instance, if you are outputting registrant name and there may be up to 5 registrants listed on a single transaction, then output 5 results.
  5. After choosing all of your output fields, save the Export Definition

Here are the mappings for some common fields:
Constituent/First Name
Constituent/Last Name
Sales order item/Sales order item/Sales order item ticket/Sales order item ticket registrant/Registrant/Name
Sales order item/Sales order item ticket/Program event/Name
Sales order item/Sales order item ticket/Program event/Start Date
Sales order item/Sales order item ticket/Program event/Start Time
Sales order item/Sales order item ticket/Program/Locations/Name

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We now need to create an export process to get our list
  1. Go to Administration>Export and click Add
  2. Name your export process then select export type: Export definition
  3. Choose the query selection and the export definition you just created
  4. Save the process
  5. After saving the process, Run it and download the results

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When you need to create rosters in the future the steps will be much simpler since you just created the foundation for them:
  1. Go to Analysis>Query and search for your sales order query
  2. Click Edit Definition
  3. Edit the filter and select the event you would like to create a roster for
  4. Save the Query
  5. Go to Administration>Export
  6. Start your sales order roster export process and download the results