Run the Discount Report: 
  1. In the Sales section, select Discount Report.
  2. In the Discount drop-down, select the filter of Applied tickets.
  3. Run the report for the date range that you choose.
  4. In the Quantity Redeemed column, this displays the quantity of memberships sold with the discount. The Value Redeemed column is the total dollar amount of the discounts redeemed.
Create a Sales Order Query: 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Add a new Ad-hoc query with a Sales Order source view. 
  3. Add the following fields to Include Records Where: 
  • Sales Order Item\Sales Order Item Membership\Sales Order Item Membership Item Promotion\Sales Order Item Membership Item Promotion Applied Item\Quantity is not blank
  • and Refund Status Text is not equal to Fully Refunded or is blank
  1. If you would like to filter on transaction date, you can also add Transaction date to Include Records where as well. 
  2. To add information about the membership that was purchased, add fields from the Sales Order Item/Sales Order Item Membership node to Results fields to display 
For more information, see this post in the Altru community.