1. From Events, click Add new and select Special Event
  2. Under General, enter a unique name and description to help identify the event
  3. To further define the event, in the Category field, select the type of event
  4. When you select Do not show event on calendar, the event will not be displayed on the event calendar view
  5. When you select Event allows designations on fees, you can apply fees to designations. You can select the designations on the Designations tab of the event record.
  6. Under Details, enter the start and end date and times of the event
  7. Under Location information, search for and select the location where your organization hosts the event
  8. In the Room/Unit field, select the room or unit at the selected location used for the event. To add a new room to the location, click Add
  9. In the Capacity field, enter the total number of attendees the event can accommodate
  10. In the Contact field, search for and select the individual constituent who serves as a contact for the event location
  11. If the event is similar to another event, such as to add an instance of an event you hold each year, copy the settings from the other event
    1. ​Click Copy options. The Copy from event screen appears
    2. In the Copy from field, search for and select the event from which to copy settings
    3. Select the settings to copy from the original event such as tasks, expenses, and invitations
    4. Click OK. You return to the Add an event screen
  12. Save. The record of the new event appears.