A constituent wants to reschedule tickets to a different program (includes video)

If a Patron purchases tickets to a program event and later decides they would like to attend another program event instead on a different day/time, you can do this in Altru without affecting any payments previously taken.  For example, a patron wants to switch from one camp to another camp.
If the two program events are within the same program and cost the same amount, use the following steps.
  1. From Sales, click Reschedule Tickets
  2. In the search bar search by the order number or constituent's last name and select the order
  3. In the New Date and Time column click the original event date and select the desired event
  4. In the window that pops up, click Yes to confirm the changes
  5. Click Complete
Note: When rescheduling tickets Altru will create a new ticket number for each ticket. The original tickets will have their barcode inactivated and will no longer be valid
If the two program events are in different scheduled programs, follow the steps below if the exchange amount (refund) will be either less than or equal to the amount due for the new items. If the new items total more than the original order, we recommend processing a regular refund and re-obtaining the credit card information for a repurchase.
  1. Configure an 'other' payment method called Exchange
  2. From Sales, click Refunds
  3. Select the order number in Results section
  4. On the Create a refund screen, select the quantity of items to refund
  5. In the Payment details section, change the Refund method to Exchange
  6. Click Complete Refund (If this was a credit card, it will not refund the card)
  7. From Sales, click Daily or Advance Sales 
  8. Select the Patron and tickets to purchase
  9. Select the Other button and select Exchange
  10. Enter the amount of your Refund/Exchange from above in the Amount field
  11. Click Complete
Note: If the order balance needs to be reduced, you can click the Discounts and Promotions button, select adjustable discount and apply the amount you need to take off.



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