First, you will need to create a user defined field to track this data inside your database. For additional help on creating this field, please see How to create a User Defined Field. These checkout questions can apply towards user defined fields with a field application of Transactions. Checkout questions for a specific item, will be asked during checkout only when that item is in the purchaser's shopping cart. If you would like to create a checkout question for an entire cart, not item specific, please see How to add a checkout question for your entire Cart.

1. Click Management
2. Click eStore (Cart) in the Manage Your Online Presence tile
3. Click your category and your corresponding item
4. Click Step 4 Defined Field Options
5. Under Add Question, select your User Defined Field for the Field Name
6. Type your question under Display Text
7. Mark Required, if you would like to require a Constituent to answer this question before completing their order
8. Click Add
9. Click Save and View Category