This error indicates that the sync is looking for a file on your FTP that it cannot find. This can happen for a number of reasons:
  • The file is misspelled. The system is very specific about the spelling of the file. Usually the file's name will be listed under the error.
  • The file missing is the manifest file. Some syncs require a manifest file to exist on the FTP. That file usually has the same name as the upload file but ends in manifest. So if your upload file is named constituents_to_upload.csv, the manifest file will be named constituents_to_upload.manifest. This is a blank file so you can create a text file and rename it to the manifest file. Windows will warn you that the file will be unusable. Just ignore that error.
  • The file is incorrectly capitalized. If your file should be constituents_to_upload.csv, Constituents_To_Upload.csv will not do.
  • The file is in the regular FTP not your data sync FTP. Most clients have two FTP accounts with us. The regular FTP is visible to the whole world and it is where your CSS and javascripts are stored. The data sync FTP is secure and cannot be viewed by anyone without the password. The passwords to log into both is the same. The regular FTP is your shortname and the data sync FTP is shortname_ds.