The Appeals Performance Analysis report, one of the Campaigns, Funds & Appeals Reports,  tracks the effectiveness of your solicitations. The report includes the number of constituents solicited, total number of gifts and donors, percentage responding (number of donors divided by the number solicited), total donated, average gift size, average gift per donor, amount over/under goal, total cost of the appeal, cost per gift and per donor, and grand totals for each column.

To access and run this report:

  1. Click Reports; Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals Reports
  2. Open an existing report or click New
  3. Select each tab and enter the appropriate information
  4. Click Print or Preview

If using packages to subdivide the appeals, include a further break down by package:  

  1. Select the Format tab
  2. Highlight Detail
  3. Mark the Include package information checkbox

The following explains how each column on the report is calculated:

  • No.Sols - The No. Sols column refers to the number of constituents that were solicited for this appeal. This value is pulled from the No. Solicited field on the Appeal itself.
  • Gifts - The number of gifts given to the Appeal, calculated from the Appeal field on a gift record.
  • Donors - The number of Donors who gave to the Appeal.  If a Donor gave more than one gift to the Appeal, they should only be counted once.
  • % Resp - Donors/No.Sols
  • Total Given -Total amount of gifts given (The gifts must meet the report parameter to be included in the report.)
  • Avg/Gift - Total Given/Gifts
  • Avg/Donor - Total Given/Donors
  • Goal - Overall Goal for the Appeal on the General tab of Campaigns, Funds and Appeals.
  • Over (Under) - The difference between the Goal and the Total Given.
  • Total Cost - Total amount of all of the expenses for the Appeal, recorded on the Attributes/Expenses tab of the Appeal in Campaigns, Funds and Appeals.
  • Cost/Gift - Total Cost/Gifts
  • Cost/Donor -  Total Cost/Donors

For more information, refer to the Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals section of the Reports Guide