This exception can occur when you are:

  • Posting to the General Ledger in The Raiser's Edge
  • Posting in The Financial Edge

Change the post status of the zero dollar transactions to Do Not Post


Adjust the Business Rule:

  1. In General Ledger, click Configuration, click Business Rules
  2. Select the Transaction option
  3. Unmark the Do not allow zero amount ($0 or 0%) transactions to be posted checkbox

Once the business rule is changed in The Financial Edge, re-post from whichever program you were receiving the exception. For example, if you were Posting to General Ledger from The Raiser's Edge, open The Raiser's Edge and re-post. If you were posting in The Financial Edge, open The Financial Edge and re-post.

If it is still an issue, exit and sign out of General Ledger and log back in.