When looking at Parent[Individual] or Student records in Education Edge, you want to make sure the mapping is done correctly. The key here is to pay attention to the Relationship column text and the Reciprocal Relationship column text

Sentence to help remind yourself of how this works: “The (PARENT) [is the] X (of the) Y




In these examples

Jessica is the Daughter(Student)

Marilyn is the Mother(Individual)

Henry is the Father(Individual)



>Relationships Tab:       Relationship             Reciprocal Relationship

(Marilyn)    [is the]    MOTHER (of the)           DAUGHTER     

(Henry)      [is the]     FATHER (of the)             DAUGHTER

[Parent Record]

>Relationships Tab:       Relationship               Reciprocal Relationship

(Jessica)    [is the       DAUGHTER (of the)       MOTHER     

(Henry)      [is the]        FATHER (of the)             DAUGHTER