Reporting filters are primarily used to determine the different types of revenue transactions and applications to include in constituent revenue and recognition listings and totals.

One can set up multiple revenue reporting filters, each specific to the type of transactions and applications they would like display in the listing and summary totals available within the revenue tab. Only one of these revenue filters can be marked default. 

Selecting a particular revenue filter as Default Revenue filter determines:
  1. Which revenue  will pre-qualify to be included in your acknowledgement process in Marketing and Communications. One will still needs to set up queries and connect them to the acknowledgment process for letters to be generated.
  2. Which revenue is included in recent activity exclusions in Appeal Mailings (for example, you can select to exclude "Constituents who have given in the past 4 weeks" and the default revenue filter will determine which revenue/applications is considered a gift). 
  3. Which revenue is considered when awarding the Donor, Major Donor, and Loyal Donor system generated constituencies.
To read more about Reporting Filters, see our guide here