To edit an existing membership renewal effort: 
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications
  2. Click Membership Renewal Efforts
  3. Go to the Templates Tab
  4. Click the hyper linked name of your membership renewal process.
From here, the Membership Rules Tab contains:  The Universe Tab controls what membership levels are included in your mailing. 

The Exclusions Tab includes any exclusions in your mailing (for example, if you do not want to include Board Members in your regular membership renewal mailings, you could add a selection of Board members to the Exclusions tab). To read more about adding exclusions to your process, see our related solution: I need to exclude members from my membership renewal process (91985).

Note: Editing a membership renewal process is an advanced task, so if you are making multiple changes to your process, we suggest creating a new process. For more information about setting up a new process, see our related solution: How to Configure and Run Membership Renewals.