Method 1: Use the Refund Status Fields to eliminate Refunded Orders from your results
Use this method if you would like to completely eliminate any refunded order from your results.
  1. From a Sales Order Query, highlight the Sales Order node at the very top of the left column. 
  2. From the middle column, drag the field Refund Status Text to Include Records Where. 
  3. Set the filter to be one of the following choices: 
    1. Refund Status Text is not one of Fully Refunded*, Partially Refunded
    2. OR Refund Status Text is equal to Not Refunded
Important Note: A fully refunded order is when each item in an order has been refunded. If you are partially refunding every item in your order, your order will be considered Fully Refunded.

Method 2: Output Refund Information
Use this method if you would like to subtract the amount refunded for each item. This option works best for revenue reporting for a particular program or item. 
  1. From a Sales Order query, to add the number of tickets refunded, expand Sales Order Item and highlight Refunded item. From the middle column, drag Quantity to Results fields to display. 
  2. To add the dollar amount of those items refunded, drag Total to Results fields to display. 
  3. In order for the refund fields to calculate properly, highlight each field in Results fields to display and click the Sigma sign and check the box to Sum: User-added image

Method 3: Eliminate Any Canceled Tickets
Use this method if you are primarily calculating attendance numbers only. This method only considers tickets that are active, meaning we assume the patron attended or will attend the event, regardless of whether or not they have received a refund. This is not a recommended method for revenue reporting. 
  1. From a Sales Order query, to filter on only active tickets, in the left column, expand Sales Order Item, then expand Sales Order Item Ticket, and highlight Tickets. From the middle column, drag Status into Include records where. Set this to be equal to Active. 
  2. In order to get a count of active tickets, you also may want to drag a field such as Price Type into Results fields to display. Click the sigma sign to Count. Here is an example of how a query might look: User-added image