The first steps in the acknowledgement process is to create a selection of revenue that you would like to acknowledge. Here are the steps to create a query for your event: 
  1. Go to Analysis, Information Library. 
  2. Click Add a new ad-hoc query. Select a source view of Revenue. 
  3. To filter on a specific event, use the filter Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrant\Event\Event record is equal to <Your event> (Under Browse for fields in, expand Application Details, expand Event Registrations, expand Registrant and highlight Event. From the middle column, drag Event Record into Include Records where). 
  4. On the Set save options tab, name your query and check the box to Create a selection. 
Next, you will want to ensure that your Altru database is configured to acknowledge event registrations. If you have acknowledged event registrations in the past, you can skip these steps: 
  1. Go to Revenue, Reporting Filters
  2. On the Revenue filters tab, click the drop down arrows next to the default reporting filter. Click Edit
  3. Ensure that under Revenue Types, Event Registration is checked. 
  4. Also make sure that under Transaction Type\Application, Event Registration is checked under both Order and Payment. 
  5. Save
To add event registration fields to your acknowledgement letters: 
  1. In your acknowledgement letter, under Select recipient information to use to personalize your letter, click Edit Acknowledgement merge fields.
  2. Use the following node to pull your registration details: Revenue Marketing\Revenue\Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrant\Registrations. (Under Browse for fields in, expand Revenue Marketing, expand Revenue, expand Application Details, expand Registrant, highlight Registrations.)
  3. Here are some examples of common fields needed for acknowledgements:
Information Needed Field to useExamples
Registration OptionRevenue Marketing\Revenue\Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrant\Registrations\Registration Option Individual
Quantity PurchasedRevenue Marketing\Revenue\Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrant\Registrations\Registration Quantity 2
Registration FeeRevenue Marketing\Revenue\Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrant\Registrations\Registration Fee  $100
Receipt AmountRevenue Marketing\Revenue\Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrant\Registrations\Receipt Amount $75
  • After these fields are added to your Acknowledgment merge fields, you can insert these fields into your letters and run your acknowledgements. For more information on the acknowledgement process, please see our related solution: How to run acknowledgements

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