In order to sort the output of a membership renewal process, we need to find out what export definition is being used. To do this, follow the steps below: 
  1. From Marketing and Communications, click Membership Renewal Efforts
  2. On the Templates tab, click the name of the process you run
  3. On the Membership Rules tab, take note of the packages listed here that you need to sort
  4. From Marketing and Communications, click Packages, click View Packages
  5. Highlight each package being used in the process, note the name of the export definition
  6. From Marketing and Communications, click Export Definitions
  7. Highlight the Membership Renewal Export Definition, click Edit
  8. On the set sort order for rows tab, drag the desired sorting field (Expiration date, Last Name)
  9. Click Save
Note: The next time you run renewals, they will sort in this order. You can add multiple sorting layers like Expiration date then last name.