Considerations before installing a standalone:   To install a standalone:
  1. Log into the workstation with an account which has local administrator rights.
  2. Download the latest install files from our website. 
  3. Create a folder to unzip the files into.
  • Right click on the desktop.
  • Select New > Folder.
  • Give the folder a name of your choosing.
  1. Unzip the downloaded install files into the folder created in step 3.
  2. Run Setup.exe to install the software.  The installation wizard first installs prerequisite components required for the software to function properly.  Once prerequisites complete, the application installation will begin.
  3. Install the latest patch
  4. If a copy of your production database(s) will be used for testing, attach the database using the Blackbaud Management Console.
  5. Launch The Raiser's Edge, The Financial Edge or The Education Edge.    
  6. Log into the application.

Post installation checklist:
  1. If the appropriate NTFS rights have not already been set, grant the appropriate NTFS rights to allow non-local admin users access to the application.
  2. Log into the sample database with user name Supervisor and password ADMIN.  
  3. You can add other users when logged in as Supervisor: