You need to add your new user to first, so they have a Blackbaud ID that they can use to sign into Altru once you invite them.  This will also provide them access to support resources and training. See our Knowledgebase: How to add a user to for instructions.

Then, add the new user to Altru:
  1. Click Administration > Click Application Users > Click Add
User-added image
  1. Enter a Name, Email. Ensure this email address is the same that is connected to the person's profile on
  2. As an option (this is not required), you can connect this user to a constituent record in Altru if they have a constituent record .
  3. Mark the checkboxes for all system roles the user needs.  If you are unsure what system roles to assign, refer to our Knowledgebase What system roles should I assign to Altru users?
  4. Click Save & Invite. An email is sent to invite the user to confirm their single sign-on account for Altru.
  5. The invited user must confirm the email address and sign in with their Blackbaud ID account. If the user does not have a Blackbaud ID, they can create one from the sign-in screen.
User-added image
  1. Use the Status column on the Application Users page to monitor the status of invitations. You can also resend an invitation, if necessary.
User-added image

Note: To provide users with access to resources on, site administrators will need to add users to their Blackbaud site account.